The 30-Minute Pescatarian Cookbook: 95 Easy, Healthy Recipes

The 30-Minute Pescatarian Cookbook: 95 Easy, Healthy Recipes

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A perfect mix of pescatarian and plant-based recipes―fast and delicious

If you are a vegetarian who eats fish too, look no further for delicious and quick meals. The 30-Minute Pescatarian Cookbook is a plant-based cookbook that includes fish―filled with fresh, accessible, and affordable meals that come together with true, measurable efficiency.

Discover 101 easy pescatarian cookbook recipes, from Mojo Shrimp to Rice Bowls and Black Bean and Roasted Butternut Squash Tostadas that respect both your time and the flavor of the food! Help manage iron deficiency, anemia, and other nutrient deficiencies by loading up on copious omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fats. This pescatarian cookbook is perfect for anyone, including full-time pescatarians, most-of-the-time vegetarians, or even total omnivores who simply seek to integrate more balance and plant-based goodness into their lives.

The 30-Minute Pescatarian Cookbook is filled with:

  • O-power―Omega-3s have been linked to fighting depression, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer, in addition to promoting brain, eye, gut, and muscle health, and delivering supple skin and shiny hair.
  • Two tasty approaches―Discover a pescatarian cookbook with a full distribution of plant protein, and fish and seafood.
  • Dishes for everyone―This cookbook includes both 30-minute vegetarian and 30-minute seafood recipes―a total of 101 recipes with at least 75% vegetarian.


Discover a delicious combination of seafood and plant recipes in this pescatarian cookbook, and get meals on the table in no time!