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The Dairy Free Comfort Food Cookbook: 110 Recipes of Familiar Favorites

The Dairy Free Comfort Food Cookbook: 110 Recipes of Familiar Favorites

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Go dairy-free, comfortably―cut out dairy while still enjoying your favorite foods

Comfort foods have a sentimental and emotional value that’s hard to quantify. But for those of us with dairy restrictions, some favorite comfort foods can cause a whole host of health problems. The Dairy-Free Comfort Food Cookbook is your go-to guide for bringing those favorites back into your life if you're dealing with dairy-related food allergies or lactose intolerance in your family.

This dairy free cookbook allows you to discover and enjoy dairy-free twists on classic dishes like pancakes and mac ‘n’ “cheese,” learn about staples to keep in the pantry, and find out what helpful kitchen equipment simplifies cooking. Whether you’re considering making the switch to dairy-free out of necessity, because you want to try something new, or are cooking for a loved one, this outstanding dairy free cookbook will help you get started.

This standout dairy free cookbook includes:

  • Options galore―The recipes in this dairy free cookbook provide substitutions for ingredients with dairy, like margarine, tofu, non-dairy milk, and others.
  • Top 10―Enjoy recipes for the 10 most popular comfort foods in the country.
  • Options for all―There are extensive, easy-to-use resources and suggestions to accommodate other food allergies and dietary restrictions in this informative dairy free cookbook.


It’s possible to eat comfort food favorites without the dairy, and this dairy free cookbook shows you how.