Daily Lessons from the Saints: 52 Weeks of Inspiration and Encouragement

Daily Lessons from the Saints: 52 Weeks of Inspiration and Encouragement

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Lessons from the lives of the saints―a year of daily wisdom and inspiration

The saints inspire us, instruct us, and intercede with God for us. Incorporate their wisdom into your life with Daily Lessons from the Saints. Every week, you’ll get to know a different saint―and every day, you’ll explore new ways to emulate their faithfulness. The short readings take just 5 minutes or less, so you can easily find time to reflect.

Discover what it means to live a life of heroic faith, and focus your intentions through brief practices and prayers. Follow the book alongside the liturgical calendar, or read at your own pace; whatever your approach, the saints will accompany you step by step on your journey closer to God.

Daily Lessons from the Saints includes:

  • 52 Weeks, 365 days―Connect more deeply by focusing on a single saint (or a pair of saints) every week, with seven daily readings about their lives and legacy.
  • Thoughtful lessons―Discover lessons, exercises, and practices guided by the week’s saint, showing you how to apply their timeless wisdom to your modern life.
  • 55+ Canonized saints―Delve into the stories of St. Patrick, St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, St. Teresa of Ávila, St. Peter & St. Paul, St. Josephine Bakhita, and many more.


Bring the wisdom of the saints into your day with Daily Lessons from the Saints.