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The Expectant Father's Activity Book: 85 Fun Games and Puzzles to Prepare for Fatherhood

The Expectant Father's Activity Book: 85 Fun Games and Puzzles to Prepare for Fatherhood

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Fun and excitement for the expectant father―activities to help get ready for the big day

The baby’s coming fast, so why not settle in with some dad-themed activities to pass the time? This fun activity book helps an expectant father get ready for that new little person that he’s gonna be taking care of―at least for the next 18 years or so―with fun, funny, and informative games and puzzles.

Does the expectant father need help deciding what to put in the hospital bag? Is he looking to practice a few kid-friendly swears? Could he use ideas for what not to name the baby? Get all that (plus tons of other stuff) through quirky crosswords, crazy quizzes, and more that are relevant from the first trimester all the way to bringing the baby home.

This expectant father activity book includes:

  • Dad-centric guidance―Get a father’s-eye view on what’s coming next in this exciting new chapter of life―as well as enough corny dad jokes to last a lifetime.
  • Fun and informative activities―Discover word scrambles, fill-in-the-blanks, trivia, and more that celebrate all the awesomeness of fatherhood.
  • Relax and unwind―Take the stress away while waiting for the birth day with a little help from lighthearted humor and insightful facts―just what an expectant father needs.


Make sure the expectant father has a chance to chill before the big day with this enjoyable book of activities.