Baking on Her Own: A Skill-Building Cookbook for Girls

Baking on Her Own: A Skill-Building Cookbook for Girls

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Girl-powered baking―a challenging girls cookbook for ambitious bakers ages 8 to 12

Help young pastry pioneers take their baking skills to the next level. With this girls cookbook as a guide, they’ll explore more than 30 different sweet treats to make from scratch―with only a little help from an adult.

Some of them are easy, and some take a little more practice, but all of them are fun, delicious, and designed for curious kids to try. From cakes and cookies to custard and cream, every recipe will teach budding bakers new skills while they whip up delightful confections to share with friends and family.

This girls cookbook lets aspiring young chefs:

  • Start with the basics―Kids will learn tricks like how to crack an egg, whip cream into fluffy peaks, test if baked goods are done, and helpful baking lingo.
  • Test their skills―Every chapter ends with an extra-challenging recipe so kids can put what they’ve learned to the test.
  • Go beyond baking―Practicing the art and science of baking with this girls cookbook helps kids gain the knowledge, confidence, and creativity to take on other projects that inspire them.


Give kids 8-12 the guidance they need to work independently in the kitchen with this exciting girls cookbook.