100 First Words for Toddlers

100 First Words for Toddlers

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The essential first-word book that grows with your little one

Your child’s first words are full of excitement and wonder―and plant the seeds for later language skills. Help their vocabulary blossom with a fun collection of 100 first words picked just for toddlers! As your child’s vocabulary expands, 100 First Words for Toddlers develops with them―from easier to a little more complex.

With 100 distinctive everyday words to discover, you’ll have plenty to read and talk about together. Adorable illustrations and bold colors can entertain little ones on their own, too―helping their interest in words grow and bloom.

In 100 First Words for Toddlers, you’ll find:

  • Building language―This age-appropriate lineup of 100 first words starts easy and advances to more challenging―from “cup” and “ball” up to “airplane” and “umbrella.”
  • Brightly illustrated―Charming drawings make 100 first words come to life, while colorful pages add another layer of learning.
  • Engaging format―Just two words per page means it’s easy to focus on one thing at a time, and big letters are perfect for later reading basics.


Help your toddler’s language skills flourish with 100 First Words for Toddlers!