The Easy Venison Cookbook: 60 Simple Recipes for Deer, Elk, and Moose

The Easy Venison Cookbook: 60 Simple Recipes for Deer, Elk, and Moose

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Enjoy your harvest with 60 easy, tasty venison recipes

This venison cookbook shows you how to bring the rich flavors of fresh venison to the table with ease, featuring 60 savory, step-by-step recipes that are perfectly suited for cooks of all skill levels.

Explore the different types of venison, how best to field dress your game, what the different cuts of meat are, and more. Once you’re acquainted with the basics, you can start digging in to dishes that any meat eater is sure to love. Recipes are conveniently divided into chapters for tender cuts, tough cuts, ground meats, sausages, jerky, stews, and more―all featuring easy-to-find ingredients and requiring no more than 15 minutes of prep.

The Easy Venison Cookbook includes:

  • Venison essentials―Know the difference between a tenderloin and a rump roast with the quick guides to venison cuts and other must-have info in this venison cookbook.
  • 60 Easy recipes―From Skillet-Roasted Backstrap with Berry-Mint Sauce to Bloody Mary Venison Jerky, discover a wide range of tasty ways to serve up your harvest no matter how much experience you have in the kitchen.
  • Fast, flavorful, and simple―Go from hunting to serving dinner in no time with help from 30-minute, one-pot, 6-ingredient-or-less, pressure cooker, and slow cooker recipes and variations.


Enjoy the taste of fresh venison with help from a hunter’s cookbook that is truly easy and accessible.