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Mindfulness Meditations for Depression: 100 Simple Practices for Solace and Self-Compassion

Mindfulness Meditations for Depression: 100 Simple Practices for Solace and Self-Compassion

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Practice self-compassion with 100 mindfulness meditations for depression

The harmful patterns that fuel depression can become clearer, less intimidating, and easier to manage as we develop a mindfulness practice. Mindfulness Meditations for Depression is filled with gentle, step-by-step meditations to help bolster this awareness and break depression’s hold on your life.

Explore 100 accessible practices, structured around the seven principles of mindfulness: beginner’s mind, non-judgment, acceptance, patience, trust, non-striving, and letting go. You’ll learn how to use mindfulness techniques to better understand your mood, anxiety level, and overall well-being as you work through the challenges that life presents. While meditation is not a quick-fix for depression, the tools here can contribute to lasting relief.

Mindfulness Meditations for Depression includes:

  • Mindfulness for depression―Learn more about meditation and mindfulness, as well as the patterns of depression, including avoidance and rumination.
  • Continuing self-care―Develop awareness around your emotions, thoughts, sensations, and behaviors so you can catch early warning signs of depression and employ mindful self-care tactics.
  • Evidence-based methods―Discover meditations rooted in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, which focuses on the development of mindfulness to cope with depressive patterns of thinking and prevent future relapse.


Manage depression symptoms and find peace with Mindfulness Meditations for Depression.