100 Things I Love About You: A Journal

100 Things I Love About You: A Journal

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Create the perfect expression of love in a short, sweet gift journal

The best gifts express the depth of your love in a single gesture. Give a perfect token of your affection with 100 Things I Love About You, an effortless way to say “here’s what I love about you.” This romantic journal makes it easy to write down heartfelt sentiments, playful details, and fond memories in one place for your partner to read and treasure.

Short, evocative prompts help you express your feelings, and bonus pages let you sprinkle in even more personal touches. Celebrate the foundations of your bond and reflect on moments big and small. Whimsical illustrations and a colorful, engaging design make this gift journal a delight to fill out―and so much fun to read!

In 100 Things I Love About You, you’ll find:

  • 100 Inspiring prompts―Customize your gift journal for your significant other with fun fill-in-the-blanks, top-five lists, and favorite memories.
  • “What I love about you is...”―This heartwarming journal may be petite, but it contains plenty of room for your love.
  • Plus a little extra―Use the “Extra Love” pages to get creative: doodle, write notes, share inside jokes, or post scrapbook-style mementos.


Show your one and only exactly “what I love about you” with this heartwarming gift journal.