Healing PTSD: A CBT Workbook for Taking Back Your Life

Healing PTSD: A CBT Workbook for Taking Back Your Life

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Take the reins back from PTSD―evidence-based tools to help you live your best life

After a traumatic event, you may find yourself surviving one day at a time, rather than feeling and functioning at your best. While recovery may seem difficult, you can change how you respond to traumatic memories and begin taking control of your life again. Healing PTSD is filled with exercises, tools, and strategies based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you manage your PTSD symptoms, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and thrive.

Start the healing process with research-supported techniques and activities for finding calm, reframing your thoughts, being present, accepting the uncertain, and facing your fears. You’ll learn how to identify your triggers, overcome challenges, recognize your own growth and resilience, and maintain your healing over the long term.

Healing PTSD includes:

  • Intro to trauma & PTSD―Gain a better understanding of the different types of trauma, how it affects the brain, and the signs and symptoms of PTSD and complex PTSD.
  • CBT for PTSD―Learn why cognitive behavioral therapy is the gold standard for managing PTSD symptoms and improving well-being.
  • Tools for healing―Use proven methods and strategies to help heal PTSD and live a healthier, happier life.


Better understand and manage your PTSD symptoms with the practical strategies and exercises in this book.