Go, Go, Monster Trucks!: A First Book of Trucks for Toddlers

Go, Go, Monster Trucks!: A First Book of Trucks for Toddlers

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Vibrant paint jobs. Roaring engines. Tremendous power!―a monster trucks book for toddlers

Few things can stimulate a child's imagination like a spectacularly painted, gigantic truck flying through the air! Go, Go, Monster Trucks! will captivate your toddler with tons of incredible photographs and fun facts that give your child a glimpse into the world of these incredible vehicles.

From the design of the most famous monster trucks to what the drivers wear, this book takes toddlers along for the ride with a fun and clever rhyming verse that makes their learning experience even more exciting. Introduce your little one to these powerful machines and watch their interest soar!

Go, Go, Monster Trucks! includes:

  • A-listers―They’ll be introduced to the likes of Grave Digger, Avenger, Swamp Thing, and others.
  • Simple read―The age-appropriate rhyming verse makes it simple for your toddler to follow along from beginning to end.
  • Eye-popping images―Vivid photographs of monster trucks give your toddler an up-close and personal view of these powerful, four-wheeled monster trucks.


This engaging monster truck book is sure to delight and entertain your toddler!