The Fascinating Science Book for Kids: 500 Amazing Facts!

The Fascinating Science Book for Kids: 500 Amazing Facts!

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From astronomy to zoology―500 amazing science facts for kids ages 9 to 12

Do you love dinosaurs and dolphins, mountains and meteors? The Fascinating Science Book for Kids has it all! This fun facts book for kids includes 500 stupendous science facts that offer hours of learning for ages 9 to 12. Alongside full-color pictures on every page, you’ll find weird and wonderful facts about topics like prehistoric life, the deep sea, weather, minerals, the human body, the solar system―and even your own backyard!

In this engaging book of facts for kids, you’ll learn things like:

  • Scientists have evidence that sometimes tiny diamonds fall from the sky on Neptune.
  • The giant squid has a brain shaped like a donut.
  • Some bacteria species generate electricity when they breathe and can even power a battery.


When you’re looking for kids science books, The Fascinating Science Book for Kids is the perfect choice for both fun and learning.