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Mindfulness Meditations for Stress: 100 Simple Practices to Ease Tension and Find Peace

Mindfulness Meditations for Stress: 100 Simple Practices to Ease Tension and Find Peace

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100 Practical exercises to build a lasting mindfulness practice

Stress can manifest in different ways, making it all the more important to check in with yourself and live mindfully. Mindfulness Meditations for Stress is filled with dozens of simple, straightforward meditations that cover a wide spectrum of stressors so you can ease tension and create calm in your life no matter what hardships life presents.

Whether your stress is high or low, acute or chronic, these mindfulness meditations offer a way to peacefully attend to your needs, increasing your resilience to stress and supporting a lifelong mindfulness journey. You’ll find meditations for calming the mind and body, managing everyday and chronic stress, and alleviating tension related to big life events like divorce, moving, or the loss of a loved one.

Mindfulness Meditations for Stress includes:

  • Learn the basics―Get a brief introduction on mindfulness and meditation, how they can ease stress, and the best ways to put them into practice.
  • Specific stressors―Explore meditations for managing stress related to specific events, from sitting in traffic and paying bills, to job loss and becoming a parent.
  • 5-Minute meditations―Discover quick meditations you can easily work into your busy schedule, including anxiety reduction in a pinch, stress relief through music, and more.


Learn how to use mindfulness to combat stress and find peace with Mindfulness Meditations for Stress.