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The Essential Guide to Adaptogens: 15 Super Herbs to Relieve Common Ailments

The Essential Guide to Adaptogens: 15 Super Herbs to Relieve Common Ailments

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Your essential guide to adaptogenic herbs for healing and stress relief

In the world of natural medicine, adaptogens are superstars. These herbs and mushrooms have been used for centuries to help the body cope with stress of all kinds. The Essential Guide to Adaptogens puts the unique healing power of adaptogens in your hands. This up-to-date, research-driven guide walks you through using adaptogens like holy basil, shatavari, cordyceps, and turmeric to support your body in managing depression, insomnia, hypertension and more.

Explore the history of adaptogens and learn about their wide range of benefits. Discover how they can be harnessed today to benefit immune health, sleep, hormone balance, brain function, and energy. Easy-to-follow recipes will empower you to introduce adaptogens into your lifestyle so you can begin healing, invigorating, and stress-proofing your mind and body.

The Essential Guide to Adaptogens includes:

  • Adaptogen essentials―Get introduced to the medicinal uses of adaptogens, and find out how to safely prepare the right dosage in a variety of forms.
  • 15 Plant and mushroom profiles―Meet each all-star adaptogen and learn its background, benefits, and usage guidelines―then dig in to nourishing recipes.
  • Complementary practices―Find healthy lifestyle recommendations to further support you in achieving and maintaining optimal vitality and longevity.


Bolster your resilience and innate healing abilities with The Essential Guide to Adaptogens.