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Anti-Inflammatory Keto Cookbook: 101 Recipes and a 2-Week Plan to Jumpstart Your Healing

Anti-Inflammatory Keto Cookbook: 101 Recipes and a 2-Week Plan to Jumpstart Your Healing

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Heal inflammation the keto way―an easy, all-in-one cookbook and meal plan

Following the ketogenic diet is a great way to increase your energy and overall wellness. And the best part is, a focus on eating nutritious, soothing whole foods is also the perfect way to relieve inflammation. The Anti-Inflammatory Keto Cookbook is your how-to recipe guide and meal plan for kicking inflammation to the curb with keto.

This simple and straightforward resource for starting and sticking to a keto anti-inflammatory diet includes more than 100 tasty recipes that emphasize anti-inflammatory ingredients. Then, dive into the 2-week meal plan that puts your new lifestyle into action, with pre-planned meals that make it easier to live inflammation-free.

Bring the power of keto to an anti-inflammatory diet, with:

  • A crash course in keto―Discover exactly what the ketogenic diet is, and the science behind how it helps fight all kinds of inflammation.
  • Your 2-week plan―The pre-organized meal plan, complete with weekly shopping lists, means you can start practicing a keto and anti-inflammatory diet without worrying about what’s for dinner.
  • Good habits for life―This book equips you with the knowledge you need to maintain an anti-inflammatory diet and a healing approach to nutrition long after the first 2 weeks.


Start healing with the soothing and delicious foods of a ketogenic and anti-inflammatory diet.