Montessori at Home: A Practical Guide for Parents

Montessori at Home: A Practical Guide for Parents

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The practical guide to nurturing your child in a Montessori home from ages 0 to 3

From birth to age 3―and beyond―children take in knowledge at an incredible rate. Give your young child the opportunity and freedom to truly learn, grow, and prosper with the Montessori method. This handbook lays out the simple tools you need to embrace Montessori at home, encouraging independence and curiosity in your little one's world.

Explore the fundamental principles laid out by founder Maria Montessori, and discover ways to implement her ideas in your own home, on your own schedule and budget. When your young child can observe, absorb, reflect, and engage with what is going on around them, you’ll watch their confidence blossom!

  • Core concepts―Master the seven key Montessori ideas: the absorbent mind, observation, a prepared environment, freedom with limits, letting the child lead, independence, and respect for the child.
  • Support year by year―Enhance your child’s development throughout each year, focusing on birth to age 3, with supplementary information for ages 3 to 6.
  • Practical guidance―For each age, find developmental facts, environmental recommendations, step-by-step activities, and plenty of parenting tips.

Turn every day into a learning opportunity for your little one with Montessori at Home.