30-Minute Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cookbook

30-Minute Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cookbook

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Make nourishing, plant-based meals in 30 minutes or less

The whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) diet brings the conventional vegan way of eating closer to nature with a focus on dishes made only with unprocessed ingredients. Harness the health benefits of this lifestyle with the 30-Minute Whole-Food Plant-Based Cookbook, where you’ll find simple recipes you can get on the table in half an hour or less.

Whether you’re brand new to plant-based eating, a vegan or vegetarian looking to eat more whole foods, or someone who has been eating WFPB for some time, this cookbook offers essential guidance and a collection of delicious recipes free from added salt, oil, or refined sugar.

This whole-food plant-based cookbook includes:

  • Time-saving tips―Find innovative suggestions for saving time on food prep, from meal planning to batch cooking.
  • Practical advice―Make a WFPB diet easy and sustainable with lists for stocking your kitchen, foods to eat and avoid, and more.
  • A sample meal plan―Get inspired with a week’s worth of pre-planned meals to start you on your journey.

Whip up nutritious, mouthwatering meals in no time with this convenient whole-food plant-based cookbook.