How to Cook Steak: Techniques to Master Selecting, Preparing, and Cooking Steak

How to Cook Steak: Techniques to Master Selecting, Preparing, and Cooking Steak

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Practical techniques and mouthwatering recipes for the perfect steak

Steak feels like a luxury, but you can cook up a restaurant-quality steak in your own kitchen anytime. Find out how easy it can be with this simple, practical steak cookbook. Clear instructions and 65 flavorful recipes help you learn and apply fundamental techniques like searing, smoking, sous vide, and even deep-frying to achieve the perfect steak.

Brush up on seasoning and marinating, and find out how to cook to your preferred level of doneness. The simple, satisfying starter recipes in this steak cookbook teach you skills like outdoor grilling, stovetop cooking, and broiling. Then, impress your friends and family with a wide range of additional recipes, including sides and sauces to complement your steak creations.

This essential steak cookbook teaches you to:

  • Know your cuts―Check out at-a-glance steak cut profiles with defining characteristics and ideal cooking methods for various cuts of beef, from flat iron to flank.
  • Prep and store―Find out how to store and prepare steak before cooking, and discover the best ways to preserve and reheat those delicious leftovers.
  • Talk like a butcher―Learn how to shop for meat, understand different grades of beef, and decipher vocabulary like dry aging and grain-fed vs. grass-fed beef.

Dig in to a delicious steak at home with the foolproof recipes in this steak cookbook.