The How-To Cookbook for Men: 100 Easy Recipes to Learn the Basics

The How-To Cookbook for Men: 100 Easy Recipes to Learn the Basics

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The culinary manual every man needs

“Stem” the bell pepper. Salt “to taste.” Slice meat “against the grain.” Even so-called beginner cookbooks for men are filled with culinary jargon and directions that can be confusing for new chefs. This standout among cookbooks for men offers a novice-focused approach, teaching guys the absolute basics that every cook needs to know—with delicious results sure to impress friends, parents, and dates.

Discover everything you could want from this top choice in cookbooks for men. There are breakdowns of the different types of cookware, tips for buying fresh ingredients, explanations for terms and techniques commonly found in recipes, and 100 recipes sure to get new chefs up to speed.

Go beyond other cookbooks for men with:

  • Easy, educational recipes—Each recipe comes complete with comprehensive, step-by-step directions that’ll help even the newest home cooks succeed.
  • Handy hacks—Get tips and tricks covering everything from meal prepping and planning a dinner party to beverage pairing—plus how to avoid losing a finger or setting your kitchen on fire.
  • Flavorful variations—Find out how to take these recipes to the next level with recipe modifications designed for cooks who are ready to experiment.


Prepare for a future filled with culinary success thanks to this cookbook.