Elimination Diet Journal

Elimination Diet Journal

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Find the foods and the diet that are right for you with this food sensitivity journal

Your diet directly contributes to your health and sense of well-being, but some foods can cause inflammation, digestion issues, and aggravate autoimmune disorders. This journal will walk you through the elimination diet, giving you the tools and guidance to determine which foods are harming you and identify those that may help heal your gut.

What separates this food journal from other food journals for tracking meals:

  • Intro to elimination—Discover the range of elimination diets, the different phases of the diet, and why an elimination diet is considered the gold standard for determining food allergies and sensitivities.
  • Reintroduction charts—You will find easy-to-follow charts to document your physical and emotional health as you systematically add specific foods back into your diet.
  • 60 days of food tracking—The last half of the book is a journal where you can record the foods you eat and your body’s response. Plus you can track your water intake, medications, GI symptoms, and more.


Track your journey to better gut health and well-being with this supportive food diary journal.