American History for Kids: 500 Facts! (History Facts for Kids)

American History for Kids: 500 Facts! (History Facts for Kids)

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Fun American history facts for curious kids ages 8 to 12

Which Indigenous American nation was known for their spotted Appaloosa horses? Who was the heroic woman known for disguising herself as a man to fight in the Revolutionary War? Which year was Barack Obama elected as the first Black president of the United States? Kids will find the answers to all these questions―and more! Starting with America’s earliest inhabitants in 20,000 BCE and finishing in the modern day, American History for Kids makes learning history easy by breaking it up into fun facts kids can share with their friends and family.

This enjoyable look into American history for kids age 8-12 includes:

  • 500 amazing facts―Introduce kids to the incredible things that have happened in America, one interesting tidbit at a time.
  • The complete timeline―Kids will learn all about the important people and places across thousands of years of American history.
  • Middle school essentials―Give kids a head start on the topics they’ll cover in class, plus lots of cool stuff they might not learn in school.


Help history come alive with the fun facts inside this top choice among American history books.