Daily Drawing Prompts: A Year of Sketchbook Inspiration

Daily Drawing Prompts: A Year of Sketchbook Inspiration

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Get inspired every day with unique drawing prompts

One of the hardest parts about drawing? Figuring out what to draw. This book gets your creative energy flowing with a whole year’s worth of quick prompts designed to get you putting pencil to paper every day. From fireworks to speeding trains, you’ll draw a diverse range of unusual objects and scenarios, developing your skills with each one. All you need to get started is a pencil and a sense of adventure!

Discover the ultimate drawing book for daily, no-pressure practice:

  • A brief refresher―Brush up on the basics with a primer on shading, texture, perspective, and more.
  • See your progress―Start with simple prompts like cubes and spheres, then advance into detailed landscapes and magical creatures.
  • For the love of art―Watch your abilities and imagination grow when you spark a little creativity every day.


Jump into 365 days of art with a journal that makes drawing part of your everyday routine.