The Complete Fish Cookbook

The Complete Fish Cookbook

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Dive into seafood with the only fish cookbook you’ll ever need

From fresh grilled red snapper to pan-fried crab and the classic clam chowder, the world of seafood has an ocean’s worth of flavors and cooking techniques to explore. Master them all with The Complete Fish Cookbook, your all-in-one resource for preparing crowd-pleasing meals where fish and seafood are the star.

What sets this seafood cookbook apart:

  • A whole world of seafood—Discover 115 vibrant recipes from a variety of cuisines that include fatty fish, flaky fish, shellfish, and more, so you can experience everything seafood has to offer.
  • Options for every occasion—Serve up seafood sensations for any meal with sections for easy weeknight dinners, small plates, barbecues, or special events, complete with photos to show you what to expect.
  • The ultimate fish guide—Take the guesswork out of cooking with a super-detailed introduction that explains all different kinds of fish, their taste and texture, how to source and shop for them, and how to prepare them safely.


Make seafood part of your recipe repertoire today with the cookbook that shows you how to cook it all!