The Complete Heart-Healthy Cookbook for Beginners

The Complete Heart-Healthy Cookbook for Beginners

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Keep your heart healthy with this complete diet guide

Adopting a heart-healthy diet can feel overwhelming and restricting, but this cookbook eases the transition with recipes and meal plans that are easy to follow—and delicious! Discover a flexible approach to healthy eating that makes room for the foods you love, so you’ll stay motivated to eat heart-healthy for life.

What sets this heart-healthy cookbook apart from the rest:

  • A primer on heart health—Learn about the different kinds of heart-healthy diets, which foods are best for your heart, and what a balanced plate looks like.
  • A 14-day meal plan—Simplify the switch to heart-healthy eating with a detailed meal plan that lays out everything you’ll eat for the first two weeks.
  • 45 additional recipes—Go beyond the meal plan with even more recipes that will become staples in your healthy lifestyle for years to come.


Manage or prevent heart disease while eating flavorful and satisfying meals with The Complete Heart-Healthy Cookbook for Beginners.