Apollo 11 Q&A

Apollo 11 Q&A

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175+ fascinating facts that teach kids ages 8 to 12 how we got to the moon

From cube-shaped astronaut foods to the famous moon walk, there are so many incredible things for kids to learn about the Apollo 11 mission. This engaging guide introduces kids to the legacy of Apollo 11 through short, fun Q&As. They’ll see how awesome learning can be as they read about spaceships, astronauts, space suits, and more—one easy-to-understand answer at a time. 

Go beyond other Apollo 11 books for kids with:

  • New ways to learn—Launch kids into the history of the Apollo 11 mission with Q&As, true or false questions, and fun facts.
  • Shareable history—This book is packed full of bite-sized bits of history that are both memorable and exciting for kids to tell their friends and family.
  • A complete overview—From the start of the space race to the ways the Apollo 11 mission still affects modern space travel, kids will get a comprehensive look at America’s space program.


Spark a lifelong love of history in young astronauts with this top choice in space books for kids.