All About Mom and Me: A Journal for Mothers and Daughters

All About Mom and Me: A Journal for Mothers and Daughters

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Cultivate a closer connection with your daughter through shared journal prompts

Preteen girls are going through a million exciting changes, and shared journaling can open the door to important conversations as they navigate adolescence. This mom and me journal is filled with a combination of fun, lighthearted prompts and deeper, more intimate questions for the two of you to answer with each other.

Share feelings and stories through writing and drawing activities that help you find honesty, humor, understanding, and support from one another. From drawing your dream houses to describing a perfect day together, these prompts help you build a stronger, more open relationship with your daughter as you create a treasured keepsake of this formative time in her life.

This unique mom and me journal includes:

  • A guide to getting started―Discover simple, clear guidance for sharing this journal with your daughter.
  • Age-appropriate topics―Explore subjects that speak directly to the experiences of girls ages 8 to 12, like the best part about being a girl, what she wants to be when she grows up, and things that comfort her when she’s sad.
  • A range of inspiring prompts―Get to know each other better and find things you have in common with a variety of fun and serious topics that encourage a range of emotional sharing.


Create a safe space for you and your daughter to share your thoughts with this mom and me journal.