Panic Attacks Workbook for Teens: Break Free of Anxiety and Overcome Fear

Panic Attacks Workbook for Teens: Break Free of Anxiety and Overcome Fear

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Conquer panic attacks with therapy-based strategies for teens

Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks on top of school, friends, and thoughts of the future can make it hard to be a teenager. The Panic Attacks Workbook for Teens helps you better handle panic attacks with exercises and explanations that make it easier for you to face your fears and get back to the things you love.

Interactive activities and prompts encourage you to experiment with different ways of responding to tough experiences. You’ll explore how panic affects your brain and body, then practice mental and physical strategies―like controlling your breathing and identifying your panic triggers―that help you tackle panic head-on.

  • The basics of panic attacks―Learn about what panic attacks are and why they happen, as well as how the tools in this workbook can help you understand, predict, and manage them.
  • Answers to common questions―Explore questions from other teens about common scenarios where panic might arise, and get detailed responses that show you how to handle them.
  • Real therapy techniques―Discover strategies taken from evidence-based recovery methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology.

Get the practical tools you need to recognize and overcome panic attacks so you can live your life to the fullest.