The Feel Good with ADHD Book for Kids

The Feel Good with ADHD Book for Kids

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Help kids feel happy and successful with ADHD—for ages 8 to 12

Everyone’s brain works a little bit differently from everyone else’s. Having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, just means that someone’s brain works in a certain way. In this book, kids will learn about the behaviors and feelings that come with ADHD. They’ll also discover activities that can help them solve problems, understand their feelings, and boost their self-esteem! 

This top choice in ADHD books for kids includes:

  • All about ADHD—Kids will explore what ADHD is and how it affects many areas of their life, in both helpful and challenging ways.
  • Hands-on exercises—Quizzes and games will give kids the skills to feel more confident in their abilities as they manage their ADHD.
  • Independent learning—This friendly book is made for kids to use all by themselves, so they can practice these techniques anytime. 


Give kids the tools and support they need to thrive with ADHD.