Anger Management Journal

Anger Management Journal

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Process your anger and live a calmer, happier life

Everybody gets angry, but sometimes it can be a challenge to properly respond to intense emotions for a peaceful outcome. With thoughtful prompts and techniques for finding calm, the Anger Management Journal will walk you through the steps to help you identify your anger triggers and develop the skills to keep them at bay.

What sets this anger workbook apart from other anger management books:

  • Guided journal prompts—Get to the core of your feelings with thought-provoking questions that help you explore and overcome anger.
  • Insightful self-evaluation—Use Trigger Checks to develop a healthy habit of getting in touch with your emotions and identify sources of anger.
  • Coping strategies—Discover effective methods for dealing with sudden moments of anger—and learn techniques for keeping rising tensions at bay.


Master your anger and other emotions with the powerful tools in this complete anger management workbook.