Me and My Friendships: A Friendship Book for Kids

Me and My Friendships: A Friendship Book for Kids

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Encourage kids ages 6 to 9 to make and keep friends with this guide to social skills

Just like riding a bike, baking chocolate chip cookies, or playing a video game, making friends is a skill kids can build. This fun entry into friendship books for kids teaches little ones how to be a good friend―and choose friends who treat them with kindness and respect, too. From introducing themselves with confidence to dealing with disagreements and bullying, they’ll learn all the skills they need to form healthy, lasting friendships.

This book goes beyond other friendship books for kids. Inside you’ll find:

  • A variety of activities―Quizzes, fill-in-the-blanks, breathing exercises, and more teach kids about talking and listening to others, seeing things from someone else’s point of view, and other essential social skills.
  • Real-life situations―Stories about other kids in tough situations encourage children to think about how they'd react if they were in another person’s shoes.
  • Kid-friendly content―This standout among friendship books for kids makes it fun for children to learn about friendship with brightly colored illustrations, short chapters, and engaging exercises.

 Inspire kids to be bolder, kinder, and more confident in their friendships with this empowering choice in friendship books for kids.