The Bible in 52 Weeks for Men: A Yearlong Bible Study

The Bible in 52 Weeks for Men: A Yearlong Bible Study

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Learn to live the lessons of the Bible for a more devoted, inspired year

Using the Bible to apply God’s lessons to everyday life is an integral part of being a Christian man. With The Bible in 52 Weeks for Men, you can develop a rewarding and lasting relationship with God. With in-depth lessons and practical applications tailored to men’s lives, you will cultivate a richer connection with God and His teachings over the course of a year. Get closer to Him with exercises and reading guides that walk you through each part of the Scripture.

Use this Bible study guide for:

  • Manageable readings―With lessons that take just 15 to 20 minutes daily, you can create a routine for embracing God’s Word no matter how busy your schedule gets.
  • Practical prompts―Contemplate God’s teachings and reinforce your commitment to Him with journal exercises that inspire reflection on relevant topics, like relationships, family, work, and health.
  • Group discussion tools―Deepen your faith with your fellow Christians with prompts and thought-starters designed for larger groups.


Strengthen your connection with God and bring His Word into your life with The Bible in 52 Weeks for Men.