The Health Anxiety Workbook

The Health Anxiety Workbook

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Break free from health anxiety with proven strategies and activities

Occasional worries about your health are normal. But too much anxiety—especially if it’s unfounded—can get in the way of your peace and happiness. The Health Anxiety Workbook can help. You’ll explore where extreme health concerns come from and find tangible ways to keep them from controlling you. With a variety of writing prompts and activities, you’ll build the skills to manage stress and intrusive thoughts, and take a more positive view of your health and your body.

  • Understand health anxiety—Learn the causes and symptoms of health anxiety so you can identify and manage your thoughts and feelings.
  • Take a proven approach—Discover simple, proven strategies and exercises based on the latest in cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Find support—See that you’re not alone with anecdotes from real people who’ve recovered from health anxiety using these techniques.


Alleviate overwhelming worries about your health with the simple tools in this evidence-based anxiety workbook.