Better Daily Mindfulness Habits: Simple Changes with Lifelong Impact

Better Daily Mindfulness Habits: Simple Changes with Lifelong Impact

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Build mindfulness habits for a life of presence, awareness, and resilience

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for staying calm, centered, and steady—but sometimes, thoughts may wander off on their own. Better Daily Mindfulness Habits helps practitioners of any level train themselves to clear the mind and stay on track. Its simple practices are designed to stick, orienting attention to the present even during the busiest days.

Discover how to effectively establish new habits, step by step, with the power of small everyday changes. In as little as a few minutes at a time, it can become easier to practice self-compassion and connect with others mindfully.

  • Build healthy habits—Focus on one constructive habit at a time, like being present in relationships, managing stress, or handling technology mindfully.
  • Break unhelpful habits—Learn how to drop habits that may not be constructive, like multitasking, perfectionism, distracted listening, or harboring negativity.
  • Chart progress—Stay on the right track with daily mindfulness practices by using the mini habit trackers in each chapter.

 Create habits that promote clarity and compassion with this standout in mindfulness books.