Yoga for Flexibility

Yoga for Flexibility

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Find your flexibility with yoga 

Yoga is a gentle way to improve your flexibility and incorporate more stretching into your life. Whether you want to ease pain, improve athletic performance, or simply maintain mobility as you age, this book will help you practice yoga for better overall health.

  • Yoga 101—Understand the basics of yoga, including the role of breath, the purpose of warming up and cooling down, and why using your muscles is key to deeper stretching.
  • Pose for flexibility—Ease yourself into the 40 yoga poses with detailed instructions, helpful illustrations, tips for modifying poses, and prop suggestions.
  • Find your flow—Use the 17 yoga sequences and eight flexibility plans to help you reach your mobility objectives, improve your posture, reduce lower-back pain, and so much more.


Loosen up and feel great with Yoga for Flexibility!