A Thankful Book for Kids

A Thankful Book for Kids

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Make gratitude part of every day with this storybook for kids ages 1 to 3

It’s never too early for kids to learn the power of gratitude—and this storybook shows them how good it feels to be thankful. As they follow a cast of friendly characters, toddlers will discover how to express gratitude to people in their life, be more empathetic to everyone around them, and appreciate everything from a birthday gift to the feeling of grass between their toes!

Give them the best in thankful books for kids with one that:

  • Gets kids involved—This book is written directly to toddlers in language they can understand, so they’ll feel immersed in the story and excited to try out the lessons for themselves.
  • Is fun to read aloud—Beautiful illustrations and heartfelt words make this book perfect for kids and parents to explore together.
  • Helps adults set a good example—Find simple ways for grown-ups to model gratitude in their own words and actions.


Inspire toddlers to be happier and more self-aware with A Thankful Book for Kids.