Flower Gardening for Beginners

Flower Gardening for Beginners

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Learn how to grow and arrange your own beautiful flowers!

With the right guidance and a little practice, you can grow a cut-flower garden from seed and brighten every room in your home with fresh blooms! Flower Gardening for Beginners has all the information you’ll need to plan, cultivate, tend, harvest, and arrange home-grown flowers—no experience required.

  • Flower gardening fundamentals—Lay the foundation for success as you learn common gardening terms, essential tools to have on hand, and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • A guide to planning your plot—Understand your local climate so you can choose the best spot in your yard for your garden and select seeds that will thrive.
  • Get to know your flowers—Discover detailed profiles that explain how to start 35 different flowers from seed, harvest them, and dry them—so you can grow your favorites year after year!


Create breathtaking bouquets from your own home-grown blooms with this beginner-friendly guide to growing flowers.