Investing for Teens

Investing for Teens

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Start getting savvy about money—an investment guide for teens

You don’t have to work on Wall Street to know that money is essential! Learn how to handle it responsibly—and how to make it work for you. Let this teen investing book be your guide to money matters ranging from the difference between stocks and bonds to ways to research potential investments. Soon enough you’ll be throwing around terms like dividend and liquidity like a finance professional.

  • Smart money moves—Learn how to set financial goals, create a budget, and recognize the difference between good debt and bad so you can make calculated decisions with your money.
  • Master the market—Explore all the different ways people invest their money and assess their risk tolerance with a crash course in the stock market.
  • Teen-specific tips—Get advice that’s geared toward teens, including pointers on landing a summer job and creating saving plans for life after high school.


Manage your money like a boss and begin building personal wealth with Investing for Teens