The Ultimate Grilling Cookbook

The Ultimate Grilling Cookbook

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Take your grill game to the next level

Learn to sear steaks, smoke brisket, and cook whole chickens low-and-slow with this complete guide to grilling. This book will teach you to handle fire like a pro with step-by-step instructions for every style of grilling. It also has an overview of the key tools and ingredients every backyard barbecuer needs.

  • Know your grills—Get a crash course in grilling equipment—with an in-depth comparison of gas vs charcoal options—to figure out exactly what kind of setup is right for you.
  • Master your technique—Fire up the grill with total confidence as you learn how to handle direct heat, indirect heat, and dual-zone grilling.
  • Prepare a feast—Whip up barbecue classics from all over the world with 101 delicious recipes that range from Pulled Pork to Tandoori Rack of Lamb.


Turn up the heart and master your grill with The Ultimate Grilling Cookbook.