Green Witchcraft Tea Recipes

Green Witchcraft Tea Recipes

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Steep your life in magic

Green witchcraft is all about the power of plants and natural magic—and tea is an essential element of the green witch’s practice. This book combines the timeless ritual of making tea with a collection of spells to help you create restorative, healing, and empowering brews that hone your magical practice.

Go beyond other witchcraft books with:

  • A lesson in witchcraft—Explore the philosophies of green witchcraft and tea magic, and discover how they keep you connected to the earth and your sense of self.
  • Your witchy kitchen—Learn the magical properties of individual flowers, herbs, and spices, then find step-by-step guidance on using them to brew powerful teas and tonics.
  • Spells for every intentionem dash & 3rd bullet sentence


Heal your body and mind—or just host a magical tea party—with Green Witchcraft Tea Recipes.