12-Week Bible Study for Moms

12-Week Bible Study for Moms

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Find strength in your faith as you navigate motherhood

Being a mom is no easy feat, but turning to God can help you feel motivated, inspired, and ready for anything. This guided Bible study helps you reconnect with His Word every day, with advice and teachings that support you on your journey as a mother.

Discover a Bible study guide that:

  • Includes 12 weeks of study—Each week focuses on a theme, such as gratitude or perspective, through passages from Scripture, prayers, and questions for reflection.
  • Is easy to use every day—Explore readings that offer deep insight but only take about 15 minutes, so you can always find time for them in your busy life.
  • Is for all Christian moms—Find modern and inclusive guidance meant for moms of all lifestyles, backgrounds, and denominations.


Practice parenting from a place of love and faith with this Bible study for women.