Couples Therapy Activity Book

Couples Therapy Activity Book

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Strengthen your relationship with therapy activities for couples

Relationships take time and effort to thrive, whether you’ve been together for four months or 40 years. Foster a deeper bond and work through relationship challenges—together—with this activity book for couples. You’ll find a variety of therapeutic activities to help you and your partner build a strong foundation of trust, intimacy, and understanding.

  • Evidence-based techniques—Connect and communicate through proven therapy strategies that support you and your partner as you navigate your relationship.
  • Meaningful themes—Define what love means to you and your partner, embrace vulnerability, resolve conflict, show appreciation for the small things, set goals for the future, and more.
  • Simple, engaging activities—Explore bonding activities like creating a love manual, playing bucket list bingo, and mixing up a cocktail (or mocktail) that represents your partner.


Discover how to make your relationship flourish with this top choice in couples therapy workbooks.