250 Questions Every Christian Couple Should Ask Before Marriage

250 Questions Every Christian Couple Should Ask Before Marriage

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Spark deep, engaging conversations with 250 questions for premarital Christian couples

Asking meaningful questions encourages you and your partner to explore your similarities and differences, understand each other on a deeper level, and envision your future together. Written with Christian couples in mind, these questions explore faith alongside other topics to help you strengthen your relationship with each other and with God.

What sets this book apart from other relationship books for couples:

  • A range of topics to discuss—Discover more about each other with questions about friends and family, faith and values, your relationship together, future goals, and more.
  • Room to write and reflect—Every question includes space for each partner to write, so you can share your notes with each other and inspire further conversations.
  • Your safe place as a couple—Feel safe and supported to open up and let yourself be known with this criticism-free space for Christian couples.


Establish a foundation of faith and communication for your marriage with these questions for couples.