The Driving Book for Teens

The Driving Book for Teens

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Stay safe and smart on the road—a complete driving guide for teens

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting milestone for teens that comes with an amazing sense of freedom and independence—but it’s also a big responsibility. Help them be cautious and confident behind the wheel with this ultimate guide to driving for teens.

  • The rules of the road—Make it easy for teens to learn road signs, proper turning and passing etiquette, defensive driving, and more.
  • Acing the test—Teens will find 100 practice questions and an explanation of what their written and driving tests will look like so they can be as prepared as possible.
  • Cars 101—Give your teen an overview on caring for their car—from filling the tank to getting oil changes and knowing what all those lights on the dashboard mean.
  • Safety first—Ensure your teen knows what to do in an emergency or if they are pulled over, how to handle bad weather, and simple ways to avoid distracted driving.


Pick up this book today and turn your teen into a savvy driver who’s ready for any situation.