Growth Mindset Journal for Teens

Growth Mindset Journal for Teens

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Take on new challenges and get excited about the future with a growth mindset!

Having a growth mindset means believing that you can always learn, grow, and improve. This journal for teens helps you practice keeping a growth mindset all the time, with deep writing prompts and fun exercises that teach you how to deal with setbacks, think positive thoughts, and be more courageous.

  • Just for teens—This journal is made especially for kids 12 to 16 and covers topics like handling big changes, deciding on your values, and trying new things.
  • An open-ended format—These prompts have no dates and no rules—jump right into any page that looks interesting to you!
  • Be a better you—Learn how to get creative and feel great about yourself with inspiring quotes and activities like writing down your talents and setting exciting goals.


Flex your skills and boost your mental health with the Growth Mindset Journal for Teens.