A Couple's Journal: Our Life Together

A Couple's Journal: Our Life Together

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Capture your memories and commemorate your love story

Relationships are filled with special moments—but it can be easy to lose sight of them in the hustle of everyday life. This couple’s journal invites you and your partner to carve out some quality time to celebrate where your love has taken you and look forward to what your future may hold.

  • Thoughtful prompts—Reflect on your relationship and strengthen your bond as you answer insightful prompts about your life together, including your favorite adventures and greatest accomplishments.
  • Flexible format—With no dated entries or prescribed order, you can use this journal at your own pace and answer whichever prompts pique your interest in the moment.
  • For all couples—This relationship journal can be enjoyed by couples of all ages and stages, no matter if you’re newly partnered, newlyweds, or about to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary.


Deepen your love as you create a keepsake of your most meaningful moments with this couple’s journal.