Nature Anatomy Guided Journal for Kids

Nature Anatomy Guided Journal for Kids

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Encourage kids to set off on an outdoor science adventure—for ages 8 to12

Do you have a child who’s always wondering about the world around them? This journal is sure to pique their curiosity and excitement. They’ll discover ways to investigate nature, with chapters divided between the sky, earth, water, plants, and animals. Through a range of fun prompts, children will build their observation skills and learn to ask big questions. This journal can be used on its own or as a companion to Nature Anatomy Activities for Kids.

This nature journal helps kids:

  • Learn about nature—This book is chock-full of fun facts on everything from clouds to insects, as well as charming illustrations that enhance learning and keep children engaged.
  • Think like a scientist—65 intriguing prompts help kids train their science brain with questions like, “Why does air have weight?” and “Does the moon rise at the same time every night?”
  • Draw connections—Children can use the extra pages at the end of each section to capture the observations and questions they have while exploring.


Help kids satisfy their curiosity about the great outdoors with this standout among nature books.