The Better Habits Workbook

The Better Habits Workbook

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Break free from bad habits for good

Good news: You are not your bad habits. This empowering workbook shows you how to adjust your behavior and become more intentional with your choices so you can achieve your goals. It’s filled with tools and tips designed to help you establish a healthy, positive routine that leads to lasting change.

  • Alter your habits—Build healthier routines with simple, proven techniques drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and behavior modification.
  • Overcome mental barriers—Explore insightful prompts, activities, and affirmations that help you push past self-doubt and ensure your goals and values are aligned.
  • Accomplish your goals—Find hope and support in the inspiring stories of other people who used the strategies in this workbook to tackle bad habits.


Learn how to develop better habits and drop the bad ones with this top choice in self-improvement books.