The Narrative Therapy Workbook

The Narrative Therapy Workbook

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Create a new story that will lead the way to change

The stories you tell yourself and the ones others tell you influence the way you see yourself and the world. Using this Narrative Therapy workbook, you’ll learn to examine those stories and rewrite them to reflect the life you want to live.

  • An empowering tool—Learn about Narrative Therapy, its origins, and how your narratives can shape who you are.
  • Flip your story—Match your narrative to who and what you want to be with a wide range of strategies, exercises, and practices.
  • Inspire positive change—Build your new stories through reflective prompts and uplifting affirmations. The pen is in your hand, and you can write the next chapter!


Enhance your sense of self-worth and take control of your own story with Narrative Therapy.