Ham Radio Technician Class Test Study Guide 2022 - 2024

Ham Radio Technician Class Test Study Guide 2022 - 2024

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Ace your amateur radio exam

Ham radio is an exciting hobby that connects people around the globe. But before you can hop on those waves, you have to earn a license. This study guide will ensure you’re ready for the Technician Class test. It sets you up for success with a comprehensive overview, detailed diagrams, helpful hints, and more.

  • A clear approach—The guide’s simple and straightforward language turns the technical into the accessible, making it an easy read for any ham radio enthusiast.
  • Build your knowledge—Move beyond rote memorization with in-depth explanations of the exam’s elements, all smartly organized to help you progress from easier topics to more complex ones.
  • Get comfortable with the test questions—Review all 441 of the possible exam questions, complete with their correct answers. Incorrect answers are purposely not included so come test day, they seem unfamiliar.


Use this effective study guide and walk into your exam with confidence.