A Yearlong Christian Couple’s Journal

A Yearlong Christian Couple’s Journal

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Connect as a couple with a year of faith-inspired questions

If you’re hoping to cultivate a stronger bond with your partner and the Lord, turn to this questions for couples journal. It’s filled with fun and fascinating prompts that will have you talking about everything from the Bible to your favorite family traditions.

  • Spark a year of conversation—Deepen your romantic relationship and your faith on a daily basis with 365 questions that encourage you to connect and converse.
  • Gain meaningful insight—Explore a variety of both weighty and whimsical topics, with prompts divided into four categories: future goals/dreams, past/present, romantic/playful, and philosophical/psychological.
  • Made for all Christian couples—Written for a diverse audience, this journal can be enjoyed by couples of any age, relationship stage, or denomination.


Discover how it only takes one question a day to grow closer as a couple and to God.